Friday, 24 August 2012

GigBee has started its Journey, and is awaiting your task

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GigBee intends to help out busy people to assist them for their personal work .Their service is not only for individuals but also for the organizations who find themselves deluged with a mountain of paper.

GigBee is focused on providing personal assistant services to individuals who feel that they are struggling for time. This service will appeal more to individuals who have staff working for them but also are looking for a Big help in managing both their personal as well as their professional lives. Start-up's, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Working women, Travelling Businesspeople, C.E.O, HNI’s , Senior Retired Officers, Expats, etc. can get GigBee and really make a difference to their lives.
GigBee is the first company in Hyderabad to come up with a much needed help of a personal assistant service on call. This is the easiest way to just pick up the phone and leave a brief with your very own personal assistant. Then, relax and await a quick response on the work given by you. We assure you of the best possible service and leave you free to focus on more important aspects of life than to bother about the mundane.

GigBee offers Professionals complete management of essential, time consuming services through a Shared personal assistant who is available from Monday to Friday 8 am to 8 pm. This shared personal assistant will exactly work like your own personal assistant which includes services like Research, Travel Planning & Bookings, Errand Co- ordination, Documentation, Paying bills, Laundry service etc. To know more please go through our website and explore.

This personal assistant is not someone who will sit in your Office / Home to get things done. But he/she will sit in our office and is available to you on Phone, E-mail. &  SMS.  And also there is no restrictions on the kind of work we do. We do everything that is legal and ethical right from maintaining your official data to personal information and requirements. When you do not have a task, the personal assistant would do someone else’s task. Through this, the Personal Assistant is shared and benefit is that you get a great service at a lower cost due to GigBee ’s better resource management.
Our motive is simple: Think Good, Do Good, Be Good.

*We keep all our clients data confidential to maintain the privacy of our clients*