Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Make time for things that matter - Enjoy your weekend

We are of the firm belief that all of us are not able to maintain balance of personal and professional life, this is only due to more to do in less time.

One of the key challenges today for a working professional is to maintain work life balance. GigBee is a personal life style management service provider, providing services that help its customers to get more from their life by accomplishing their unexciting everyday task.

Wouldn't it be better if you can spend your leisure time with your family or friends and your own reliable personal assistant will do your personal work i.e. House Cleaning, Electricity Bill Payment, Getting Vegetables & Groceries, Ironing & Laundries etc.    

A good % of your valuable time is spend on getting your routine house hold work done, which you can enjoy with your loved ones. GigBee intends to help out busy people to assist them for their personal work, just pick up the phone and leave a brief with your very own personal assistant.

It’s been two years of our operation in Hyderabad and now we are observing that our idea of providing personal life style management service is slowly accepted by all of you. We are happy that we are able to help you in maintaining your work life balance.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about us :

Mansee (Working Professional):

The job of two washroom cleaning was done today.
I would like to thank your team for the efforts you put in to perform the assigned jobs.
I am really delighted to write down that the service was really prompt and your Gigbee completed the job very patiently and neatly.

Thanks and would like to avail your services very soon.

Swetha Hariharan (Working Professional from USA):

I am extremely happy with the service that Gigbee provided. We have a small gathering at our home for which we want to serve Indian sweets. I wanted to try how this works and not sure though, that I will be able to get them on time. Gigbee did it very efficiently with prompt communication all along until they finish the task and more over there charges are very reasonable. 

Thank you very much. I highly recommend Gigbee to anyone. 

Sujana Readdy(Working Professional):

First of all thanks so much for the wonderful ownership you have taken and saw that all the pending work was done.

I have been using your services since 1.5 years and extremely happy. Whether it be party help, cleaning, shopping etc all jobs were done perfectly.

Please keep up good work as we all want people like you to help us in something or other daily. Hats off to the idea of Gigbee for providing all services under one roof.

All the best.

Swathi Dev(Working Professional):

Thanks a lot for sending srikanth. He has taken care of my grandmother nicely. Thank you so much.

Pratyusha (Working Professional):

Service was really good. The person was on time. We shall surely contact u again. Recommended Gigbee to many of our frnds.