Saturday, 23 July 2016

GigBee Services will be certainly helpful for parents of NRIs

Hundreds of us Indians emigrate every year: for higher education, lucrative jobs, better lifestyle and to join our spouses abroad. As we inch closer to our goals, dreams become a reality propelling us into the orbit of success. In this process we leave behind all that we wished to escape in India, but at the same time knowingly or unknowingly, we leave behind our biggest treasure - our parents.

These are the folks who toiled away several years of their youth, spent a chunk of their retirement savings, took out loans and made sure they left no stone unturned to get us to our destination.

Here is a look behind the scenes at the lives of parents of non-resident Indians (NRI). Once the children have flown the nest, after the initial euphoria has settled, realization dawns that one's children are thousands miles away. Several hours of travel time away. The anxiety of being away from one's children in times of illness and emergencies sets in. Moreover, worry for the safety and wellness of their children takes over their minds. Regular phone calls are reassuring but knowing that one cannot aid or be aided, long distance, by near and dear ones in times of need, plays on the mind, time and again
Simple chores and mundane errands like going to the bank, standing in queue for a gas cylinder or paying a bill become a challenge. Going to the doctor or dentist becomes an ordeal. They are lucky if still fit and healthy to live on their own and if other children live close by. Otherwise, NRI parents have to depend on neighbours, other relatives and friends who cannot and are not willing to take on the responsibility of the children. Then there is the social loneliness. No one to celebrate festivals with, no one to cook special meals for, Mother's Day and Father's day all celebrated long distance, via Skype and flowers dispatched by online couriers.

Though nothing can ever replace the presence of their children besides them at an elderly age, but GigBee has significant list of satisfied customer, we have helped many of you to leave peacefully in abroad where as we have helped your parent/relative with errands.

 GigBee team will be happy to serve your parent/ relatives, write us @ to know how can we help? You can also call us @ +91-8790102190.


Friday, 4 March 2016

Do more in less time with GigBee

We often think: “If only I could be in two places at once, I’d finally be able to get everything done!”

But you might not be able to clone yourself, however with GigBee you can increase efficiency and do more in less time.  


      We can finally fix that flickering light – you go ahead and catch up on official work.
      Enjoy a nice walk with your loved one while we take care of weeding the yard.
      A GigBee can scrub up your floors as you’re picking up the kids from school.

      We know your life is full of errands and tasks, but with GigBee you can enjoy your free time as we will be running your errands.  

     Together, we can accomplish double the items on your to-do list, and give you back some well-deserved free time.  

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