Sunday, 19 May 2013

Moving Tasks - Task On...

Wanna know the secret to a stress-free move? Hire a fleet of background-checked GigBee to help with your packing, cleaning, painting, and anything else you need

Friday, 17 May 2013

Outsource Anything!

NRI's often wonder how to get the simplest tasks done in Hyderabad (India) when they are away in another country. These tasks range from servicing their official documents like birth certificates, PAN numbers, degree certificates or retrieving their transcripts from college. When such a need arises the NRI frantically searches for contacts in Hyderabad(India) like friends, relatives and requests them to run these errands. Capitalizing on this niche need of the Non Resident Indian , is a unique service that addresses such needs. Infact, the site also promises to assist NRI's in property related issues, Travelers Insurance and Health Insurance for the elderly.

"Often wondered who to contact for anything in India?To get your certificates?To run errands for your parents?Or just brighten up your Grandmom's day with a bunch of flowers? Responsible. Efficient.Trustworthy. GigBee is a concierge service for NRIs "

"No task is too small, no effort too big".

Monday, 13 May 2013

How to Live the Best Life You Can

1. Start off by looking at yourself - Not in comparison to anyone else, but just look at  yourself. Ask yourself  these questions.

   -  Who am I?
   - Where do I currently stand in my life?
   - What role do I play in others lives?  (Sister, mother, friend, role model, teacher, partner, etc..)
   - Am I living to my fullest potential?
   - Am I happy? Fulfilled? At peace?
   -  Why, or why not?

2. One huge mistake people make in their lives is sheltering themselves from pain - Hiding from the truth. Denying reality. DEATH exists. Become at peace with that. MURDERS and RAPE and DISEASES happen. Accept it. Once you face the facts that life isn't all rainbows and butterflies, you will be more prepared to handle tough situations, and you won't take disappointment as such a shock.

3. Determine which people in your life are actually worth your care - Eliminate all the fake friends and the users from your list, and list only those who make you feel happy when you're around them. Now make an effort to spend more time around those people, and less time around the people who do no good for you or your life. It's okay to be a little selfish in this sense every once in a while. Just be sure you give back an equal amount to what you take (and that doesn't only mean physical things, but emotional needs, as well).

4. Look on the dark side - Yes, this isn't a typo, the DARK side. Because often times, when dealing with personal relationships, looking on the bright side just leads to disappointment when we are let down from what we expect or wish to happen. As the cliche' goes, hope for the best, expect the worst. Did you know the formula for happiness is reality divided by expectations? What it means is don't think you are going to get what you want.

5. Find something you love to do, and do it -  Do it often. Simple as that.

6. Often, change is a good thing -  Welcome something new into your life, whether it be a new friend, a new interest (separate from the one from the step above), or a new favorite show you watch religiously. Change up your routine a little.

7. Think back to something you loved in your childhood - Was it your passion for doing hair? Your love of Barney? Maybe playing make-believe with your friends? Revisit one of those things, and you will most likely recreate the joy it used to bring. Play Barbies with a young child, or do a little girls hair. Let a child bring you into their carefree world for a few hours. It could be your little cousin, your own children, or you could babysit.

8. Always try to see every situation from each person's perspective - Don't just see things your way, actually take the time to try to see things through the eyes of another. You'll gain insight, which can be enlightening.

9. Blast some music and just dance your heart out - Lose it in the music. Either alone or with friends. Just dance for hours. You'll get a good workout and release endorphins, which make you happy.

10. Try something you've never tried before - Take up a class, or use directions and try to figure it out for yourself. Cooking, painting, whatever. And if you screw up, laugh it off. It was all in the name of the experience.

11. Smile. As often as possible - When you don't even feel like it. Just do it. All the time. It will eventually rub off.

12. Stop hiding from your misery - Realize the cause of your negative feelings and attempt to fix the problem. If you simply cannot fix it, screw it. Anything that is out of your control is a waste of your time. No longer let it faze you.

13. In the end it comes down to you -  Only YOU have the power to allow yourself to be happy.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Self Improvement Points That Can Create A Massive Difference In The Life

Making the choice to pursue personal development can be an energizing experience and it can give you a feeling of being in control of your life. To get started on all the hard work you need to reach your goals, it is helpful to find some tips to keep your energy high. The article below has several great ideas you can use right away.

If you are lacking confidence in yourself, then you should try dressing sharp. If you look like a million bucks, more likely than not you will be more confident in your self. What you wear helps make you feel better about your self. Dress good and feel better today.

Finding a job that you love will give you great motivation in life. If you have a good income at your current job, and you are not happy with it, look for a job that you will love. Being stuck at a job you hate will bring out negative feelings and thoughts.

Using your commute time to listen to books on CD can help pass the time and expand the mind. From novels to self-help topics, there is a wide variety of audio books available to purchase or check out for free at the local library. As a bonus, reading or even listening to someone read is proven to increase the vocabulary and make you smarter!

Pay down your higher interest credit cards first. If there’s extra money that can go to pay down credit card bills, put the entire excess towards the card with the highest interest first. When that card it paid off, pay down the one with the next highest interest, and so on. You will spend less on interest this way.

When interacting with people, you should be gentle and yet know when to be strong. Do your best to treat people nicely on a daily basis to make friends and create a good atmosphere. When someone gets in the way of your goals, make them understand firmly that you disagree with them.

A useful tool for personal development is to have a mission statement. A mission statement is a concise, specific goal for what you would like to change or achieve. Write down your mission statement and put it up somewhere you will see it every day. This makes your goal real and adds purpose.

Changing your sleep schedule can improve your life in great ways. Often times we are getting too much sleep and a lot of the day is wasted. If we are able to go to sleep earlier we can usually wake up earlier. When we wake up earlier that allows us to have more time to do the things we love to do.

A personal development routine that is well-underway can benefit from additional learning just as much as one that is just beginning. In the same way that good personal development is a continuous process of improvement, a good routine can always be refined and made even better. Tips like the ones presented here can help with that refining process.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Task of the Week: Show My Mom Some Love - Mother’s Day - May 12, 2013

You know who’s awesome? Your mom. Moms are superheroes that shape our lives, nurture our dreams, and make possible all that we accomplish. Yet when it comes to Mother’s Day, many of us still rely on generic greeting cards or overpriced, impersonal flower deliveries to say “Thank you.” As we traded stories about the amazing moms in our lives around GigBee HQ today, we realized the solution to dishing out an amazing Mother’s Day has been right under our noses this whole time: Why not hire GigBee? Not only can GigBee pick out local flowers for your mom (at a way cheaper price than ordering online), they can help you make this Mother’s Day the most memorable one yet by building a totally unique and personal experience.

Here’s what some of us on the GigBee team plan to hire GigBee for this Mother’s Day:

“I love my mom very much, and appreciate everything she has done for me; her efforts have molded me into the man I am today. Even though every day should be ‘Mother’s Day,’ I certainly want to acknowledge my Mother on this dedicated day. To make it extra special, I hired a GigBee to hand-deliver beautiful flowers from a nearby market. It’s the next best thing to having me show up at her door!” — Venkatesh 

“Since my mom is traveling the weekend of Mother’s Day and won’t be in town to celebrate, I’d love to use GigBee to help me create a special day for her when she gets back. I’d hire a GigBee to bring her flowers and gift.” — Sreedhar

4 Keys To Thrive

1)      Take control over the mind

“Fear and uncertainty is in the mind.”
 “Feed the mind, read someone’s biography. Read the story of somebody who went from some unbelievable difficult time and how they turned it around.”
 “We are what we eat, we are what we read, we are what we listen to.”
“Reading, listening, feeding your mind is the first step to get out of that place of uncertainty.”

2)      Feed & strength your body

“Feeding the mind is not enough, you got to feed the body.”
 Go out and lift weights, go out and push yourself and feel yourself have to force trough whatever was your limitations before, when that gets inside you, that physicial strength, that sense of breaking through, every part of you starts to operate different. Your body changes, so does your mind.”

3)      Have a role model

 “One of the biggest things that will change you once you are mentally and physically strong, you got to believe!”
 “You got to have a role model that inspires you and really shows you the way.”
 “You need to believe, you need not just have sense a of certainty but you got to believe that there is a pathway to get where you want to be.”

4)      Plan

 “The fourth key is, you got to get a plan and you got to take massive action!”
“Get a plan, do something, you got to remember the power of massive action”
“So often in life people don’t begin the journey because they are not quit sure what to do, or how to do  it right, don’t know how to get it right, just remember that progress equals happiness”
“If it doesn’t work, change your approach”
“Change it, try it, move it!”

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Positive Habits That Will Lead You to Success

Adopting certain habits is undoubtedly critical for success. An optimistic and highly motivated person is very likely to achieve his or her goals whereas a pessimistic and indifferent person will most likely fail.
There are some qualities that seem to be quite common among successful people for example punctuality, cheerfulness, optimism, willingness to work hard, etc. Although we may not possess these qualities, with a little practice, we can acquire them and keep them with us for good! Here are a few tips that will allow you to incorporate some of these qualities into your character and embrace success in life.

Be honest to yourself first
Speak with yourself and question yourself honestly. Do you really want to achieve a particular goal? If yes, then are you truly willing to put in the required effort and time into achieving your goals? If the answer is yes then set yourself the necessary deadlines and work ardently each day into attaining your objectives and meeting your deadlines.

Set deadlines
Setting deadlines for all your work is essential since it will motivate you to utilize your precious time effectively rather than wasting it. Just remember, set the deadline for any work, then work keeping the deadline in your mind, and success will be yours, guaranteed!

Take action immediately
Don’t squander your time by trying to find the ‘ideal time’ to begin your work. Just start NOW! Remember that successful people never procrastinate and neither should you. Stop wasting time and throw procrastination out of the window by starting NOW!

Conquer time killing habits.
Certain habits that are detrimental for success may seem impossible to avoid for example wasting excessive time watching TV. But don’t worry, getting rid of them forever is quite easy, for instance, if you wish to avoid watching excessive TV, try to avoid watching TV for more than half an hour each day for twenty days. Practice will definitely lead to perfection and at the end of twenty days you will certainly feel that avoiding TV is not really all that difficult!

Keep a journal to track your progress
The importance of a diary or journal cannot be overemphasized. Many geniuses like Einstein and Newton kept diaries and embraced success. A diary will allow you to monitor your daily progress and really motivate you to work hard and go the extra mile.

Be brave and bold
Starting something new can be very intimidating for example learning how to swim or ride a bike. Live with the fear and get on with it anyway and soon you will find that your fear was baseless! The only thing to be feared is fear itself!

Always be positive
Even if you feel you have a negative attitude, don’t worry. Psychologists agree that the human brain is highly plastic in nature and with effort you can change your mind for the better! So be positive, practice being positive and soon you will be positive minded! Always remember: a gloomy pessimistic mindset can be changed if you really try hard to be positive every single day.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Stress and Your Health Why You Must Learn How To Manage Stress

If you don’t already know how to manage stress or how to reduce stress triggers in your life, it can have a major impact on your health, whether you realize it or not.
You may not think that your stress level is bad enough to cause health problems, but don’t underestimate it because stress is a “sneaky” thing.

Below are the different ways that stress can affect your overall health.

Reproductive Issues – Stress has the ability to affect the hormone levels in both men and women.
For women, this can cause problems with their menstrual cycles, which affects their chances of getting pregnant. For men, this can cause sexual disorders such as impotency and others.

Digestive Disorders – As you probably already know, stress has been found to cause ulcers, which are ultimately caused by bacteria.
However, stress does still encourage ulcers to develop because when one is under a lot of stress, he or she will generally catch a bacterial infection easier than someone who is not.
There are other digestive disorders that can be caused by stress as well. These include irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain and more.
Stress can cause our bodies to go into “fight or flight” mode, which can cause our bodies to temporarily turn our digestive organs “off.” This will naturally lead to digestive disorders if it occurs often.

Upper Respiratory Problems – Many experts believe that stress weakens our immune system by decreasing the immune responses.
When this happens, your immune system will be suppressed which will make you susceptible to a wide variety of health problems such as influenza, colds and infections.

Weight Variations – As previously mentioned, stress affects hormone levels in the body. One of those hormones is cortisol (the stress hormone). This hormone directly affects your metabolism, which will affect your weight.
Some people lose weight while others gain weight when stressed out on a regular basis. Regardless of whether you gain weight or lose weight, neither is good for you.
However, gaining weight is generally worse as it can lead to joint problems, diabetes, heart disease and sometimes, even cancer.

Increased Anxiety - When you are under constant amounts of stress, it can cause a wide variety of anxiety problems. For example, you may begin to exhibit obsessive compulsive tendencies, worry excessively, have panic attacks and many other anxiety issues.

Heart Disease – As previously mentioned, stress can cause your body to go into the “fight or flight” mode, which directly impacts the heart as it causes it to become more stressed. When this happens often, it can lead to heart disease.

It is an undeniable fact that stress has an impact on people and their lives. The problem is that many people don’t realize how stress can affect them.
To protect your health and mental well-being you need to learn how to manage stress better, and to start implementing the changes in your lifestyle that can naturally reduce stress and its triggers in your life.
You can find many natural stress management techniques if you search online, and if you invest in a quality self help how to book you are sure to make some great improvements toward reducing your every day stress and being much more happy.