Friday, 17 May 2013

Outsource Anything!

NRI's often wonder how to get the simplest tasks done in Hyderabad (India) when they are away in another country. These tasks range from servicing their official documents like birth certificates, PAN numbers, degree certificates or retrieving their transcripts from college. When such a need arises the NRI frantically searches for contacts in Hyderabad(India) like friends, relatives and requests them to run these errands. Capitalizing on this niche need of the Non Resident Indian , is a unique service that addresses such needs. Infact, the site also promises to assist NRI's in property related issues, Travelers Insurance and Health Insurance for the elderly.

"Often wondered who to contact for anything in India?To get your certificates?To run errands for your parents?Or just brighten up your Grandmom's day with a bunch of flowers? Responsible. Efficient.Trustworthy. GigBee is a concierge service for NRIs "

"No task is too small, no effort too big".

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