Thursday, 9 May 2013

4 Keys To Thrive

1)      Take control over the mind

“Fear and uncertainty is in the mind.”
 “Feed the mind, read someone’s biography. Read the story of somebody who went from some unbelievable difficult time and how they turned it around.”
 “We are what we eat, we are what we read, we are what we listen to.”
“Reading, listening, feeding your mind is the first step to get out of that place of uncertainty.”

2)      Feed & strength your body

“Feeding the mind is not enough, you got to feed the body.”
 Go out and lift weights, go out and push yourself and feel yourself have to force trough whatever was your limitations before, when that gets inside you, that physicial strength, that sense of breaking through, every part of you starts to operate different. Your body changes, so does your mind.”

3)      Have a role model

 “One of the biggest things that will change you once you are mentally and physically strong, you got to believe!”
 “You got to have a role model that inspires you and really shows you the way.”
 “You need to believe, you need not just have sense a of certainty but you got to believe that there is a pathway to get where you want to be.”

4)      Plan

 “The fourth key is, you got to get a plan and you got to take massive action!”
“Get a plan, do something, you got to remember the power of massive action”
“So often in life people don’t begin the journey because they are not quit sure what to do, or how to do  it right, don’t know how to get it right, just remember that progress equals happiness”
“If it doesn’t work, change your approach”
“Change it, try it, move it!”

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