Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Positive Habits That Will Lead You to Success

Adopting certain habits is undoubtedly critical for success. An optimistic and highly motivated person is very likely to achieve his or her goals whereas a pessimistic and indifferent person will most likely fail.
There are some qualities that seem to be quite common among successful people for example punctuality, cheerfulness, optimism, willingness to work hard, etc. Although we may not possess these qualities, with a little practice, we can acquire them and keep them with us for good! Here are a few tips that will allow you to incorporate some of these qualities into your character and embrace success in life.

Be honest to yourself first
Speak with yourself and question yourself honestly. Do you really want to achieve a particular goal? If yes, then are you truly willing to put in the required effort and time into achieving your goals? If the answer is yes then set yourself the necessary deadlines and work ardently each day into attaining your objectives and meeting your deadlines.

Set deadlines
Setting deadlines for all your work is essential since it will motivate you to utilize your precious time effectively rather than wasting it. Just remember, set the deadline for any work, then work keeping the deadline in your mind, and success will be yours, guaranteed!

Take action immediately
Don’t squander your time by trying to find the ‘ideal time’ to begin your work. Just start NOW! Remember that successful people never procrastinate and neither should you. Stop wasting time and throw procrastination out of the window by starting NOW!

Conquer time killing habits.
Certain habits that are detrimental for success may seem impossible to avoid for example wasting excessive time watching TV. But don’t worry, getting rid of them forever is quite easy, for instance, if you wish to avoid watching excessive TV, try to avoid watching TV for more than half an hour each day for twenty days. Practice will definitely lead to perfection and at the end of twenty days you will certainly feel that avoiding TV is not really all that difficult!

Keep a journal to track your progress
The importance of a diary or journal cannot be overemphasized. Many geniuses like Einstein and Newton kept diaries and embraced success. A diary will allow you to monitor your daily progress and really motivate you to work hard and go the extra mile.

Be brave and bold
Starting something new can be very intimidating for example learning how to swim or ride a bike. Live with the fear and get on with it anyway and soon you will find that your fear was baseless! The only thing to be feared is fear itself!

Always be positive
Even if you feel you have a negative attitude, don’t worry. Psychologists agree that the human brain is highly plastic in nature and with effort you can change your mind for the better! So be positive, practice being positive and soon you will be positive minded! Always remember: a gloomy pessimistic mindset can be changed if you really try hard to be positive every single day.

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