Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Hire a GigBee to Ease Diwali House Cleaning in Hyderabad

Diwali is around the corner. The festival of lights brings in joy and lots of colors in our lives.  Diwali is the festival of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha.

But, according to Hindu mythology, Goddess Lakshmi enters only a clean and tidy house.

Cleaning the whole house means a lot of work. It requires lot of energy and active minds. We wonder where to start our cleaning from and how to end this as soon as possible without straining our health.

To ease Diwali house cleaning, we are here.  GigBee cleaning service will make the Diwali task easier.

So, for this Diwali -  Hire a GigBee and Celebrate Diwali with full swing.

Outsource your cleaning work to GigBee...call us @ 8790102190 or write us @ info@gigbee.in. Visit us @ www.gigbee.in

Thursday, 9 October 2014

TASK OF THE WEEK: Booked a Hotel/Service Apartment in Hyderabad

Get a Service Apartment while travelling to Hyderabad. This week, a client from Delhi hired  GigBee to find a Service Apartment/ Hotel in his budget. 

His family came and stayed in the suggested service apartment and had a very good time in the Hyderabad. 

If you’d like to get a service apartment during your Hyderabad visit, you can mail us at info@gigbee.in. To know more visit us @ www.gigbee.in . 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Local Delivery Service in Hyderabad

GigBee, will assist you in the local delivery in Hyderabad. We can do delivery on Motorcycle/Vans/Lorry.

GigBee helps to bridge the gap between local businesses and local customers. You can also send items to any local residence or office with your personal on demand GigBee service. We are currently providing our services in Madhapur, Kondapur, HITECH City and nearby area,

Save time and money on all your local deliveries in Hyderabad and outsource your courier efforts to a trusted and efficient service. Learn more about how it works for one-time deliveries. Call us @ 8790102190 or write us @  info@gigbee.in.

For more details visit us at www.gigbee.in 

Friday, 15 August 2014

House Cleaning Service in Hyderabad - Quick Cleaning Tips in 5, 15, or 30 mins!

You may not have time to fully clean your home (that’s where GigBee comes in), but you likely have a few minutes to do some quick organization to both maintain your space and help you relax in your home.  Use the quick cleaning tips below to tidy up your place when you are short on time and want to make your home look fresh!

With 5 Minutes:
  • Grab a basket and pick up items laying around the house, on the floors, and countertops.  Clear counters and floors do wonders for the psyche and creates the appearance of an organized home.
  • Have a 60 seconds to spare? Spray and wipe down all flat surfaces in your main rooms for a ‘just polished’ look.
With 15 Minutes:
  • Follow ’5 Minute Steps.’
  • Fluff all throw pillows and fold all blankets in common rooms where guests might spend time.
  • Sweep only high-traffic areas (entrances, living rooms, etc.).
  • Have 2 minutes to spare? Clear out the kitchen sink and load the dishwasher; it will do wonders to make your kitchen look clean and organized.
With 30 Minutes:
  • Follow ’15 Minute Steps.’
  • Make your bed and put away clothes laying around your room, your entire bedroom will look clean with these little tricks.
  • Wipe down your bathrooms with a microfiber cloth and a little bit of water or multi-purpose cleaner. Start with the mirror, then counter / sink.
  • Choose a few more rooms to sweep or vacuum depending on what rooms are most important to you.
  • Have a remaining minute? Open windows to ventilate your space and light a candle – a fresh scent will always make your home feel clean.
Stay tuned for more cleaning tips or book a  GigBee Cleaning Professional today to come sweet up your home! Visit us @ www.gigbee.in

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Make time for things that matter - Enjoy your weekend

We are of the firm belief that all of us are not able to maintain balance of personal and professional life, this is only due to more to do in less time.

One of the key challenges today for a working professional is to maintain work life balance. GigBee is a personal life style management service provider, providing services that help its customers to get more from their life by accomplishing their unexciting everyday task.

Wouldn't it be better if you can spend your leisure time with your family or friends and your own reliable personal assistant will do your personal work i.e. House Cleaning, Electricity Bill Payment, Getting Vegetables & Groceries, Ironing & Laundries etc.    

A good % of your valuable time is spend on getting your routine house hold work done, which you can enjoy with your loved ones. GigBee intends to help out busy people to assist them for their personal work, just pick up the phone and leave a brief with your very own personal assistant.

It’s been two years of our operation in Hyderabad and now we are observing that our idea of providing personal life style management service is slowly accepted by all of you. We are happy that we are able to help you in maintaining your work life balance.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about us :

Mansee (Working Professional):

The job of two washroom cleaning was done today.
I would like to thank your team for the efforts you put in to perform the assigned jobs.
I am really delighted to write down that the service was really prompt and your Gigbee completed the job very patiently and neatly.

Thanks and would like to avail your services very soon.

Swetha Hariharan (Working Professional from USA):

I am extremely happy with the service that Gigbee provided. We have a small gathering at our home for which we want to serve Indian sweets. I wanted to try how this works and not sure though, that I will be able to get them on time. Gigbee did it very efficiently with prompt communication all along until they finish the task and more over there charges are very reasonable. 

Thank you very much. I highly recommend Gigbee to anyone. 

Sujana Readdy(Working Professional):

First of all thanks so much for the wonderful ownership you have taken and saw that all the pending work was done.

I have been using your services since 1.5 years and extremely happy. Whether it be party help, cleaning, shopping etc all jobs were done perfectly.

Please keep up good work as we all want people like you to help us in something or other daily. Hats off to the idea of Gigbee for providing all services under one roof.

All the best.

Swathi Dev(Working Professional):

Thanks a lot for sending srikanth. He has taken care of my grandmother nicely. Thank you so much.

Pratyusha (Working Professional):

Service was really good. The person was on time. We shall surely contact u again. Recommended Gigbee to many of our frnds.

Friday, 20 June 2014

GigBee NRI Parent Care Service in Hyderabad

Surabh has been in the US for the past decade and half, while his parents back home in Hyderabad have aged beyond the stage where they can look after themselves. Despite repeated pleas by Saurabh, his parents are unwilling to leave their ancestral home in Hyderabad to join him in the US. This presents a problem typical to many NRIs who have left behind elderly parents in India. While leaving a prosperous career abroad to return back may not be a pragmatic solution one cannot ignore the responsibility of ensuring adequate care for the parents. Saurabh took wise step and hired GigBee who is taking care of his parent. 

What GigBee NRI Parent Care Service can do for your Parent?

Though nothing can ever replace the presence of their children besides them at an elderly age, but GigBee can help you in a few other worldly requirements which you can catered for from abroad.  Our services:

House Cleaning Weekly/Biweekly/ Monthly
Local Delivery of any items
Will take your parents to Physician by Monthly and Quarterly  (as and when required)
Daily/ Weekly visits by GigBee Team as per requirements.
Arrangement of nurses for special requirements.
Organizing transfer of money, handling of letters and other couriered items and catering to daily household requirements.
Organizing functions to celebrate festivals and occasions with the elderly.
Establishing and ensuring a regular communication between the NRIs and their parents either through telephone or video chatting via the internet.
Provide detailed feedback and reports on the health and other issues of the elderly to their children abroad.
Payment of bills, taxes and other recurring expenses.
Collection of rents and depositing the same in the designated accounts.
Arrangement of security for the elderly residing in their own house.
And many more. 

GigBee team will be delighted to serve your parent, send us customize need and get the best price for our services.
To know more about our services, please speak to our customer care officer @ +91-8790102190 or write us @ info@gigbee.in.

Monday, 16 June 2014

People that you should have thanked but probably never did

We are all contributing to society in some way or the other but these are the people who deserve our gratitude but we have been too busy in filling the void of our empty lives that we choose to ignore the tremendous service they are doing for the society.

Street Vendors

 Not all of us can relish the cholesterol and fat infested food served by  the self-proclaimed inexpensive fast food joints that burn a deep hole in our pockets and hearts(literally), enter the saviors with their ‘Amritsari Naans’ and ‘Chole Kulcheys’, feeding the common man since don’t know when. We express our heartiest gratitude. 


Carrying the country’s baggage is an arduous task to take care of, you can observe these thin figurines carrying shitload of luggage on their heads and compensated with scorn and inadequate earnings.


As you leave your humble abode and step out on the streets , did you ever notice or felt that you owe heaps of gratitude to someone who has glorified  your morning by ridding you of the stench that sprawled  your neighborhood and streets. Yes, that man/woman with the broom, humming folklore in bereft tones is the person you should thank for doing what he/she does.


You owe your good night sleep to this guy, patrolling the streets while you’re snoring away comfortably in your beds, he’s the unsung hero, protector of the night and has probably saved you from multiple savage attacks. Think about it and thank him the next time you see your watchman.


It’s pretty ironic that how sad the life of a joker is , while all they try to do is to spread smiles  while life is strangulating their joys. We’re all pretty much aware of their condition, the least we can do is to be thankful for being there and taking up the responsibility to make the world a happier place.


With inadequate pay and adequate public humiliation they serve you with an ever-present smile on their face , they are treated as  social pariahs by the society(us) . Thank you Sirs! You’re doing a commendable job.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Happy Father’s Day 2014

Let the dads in your life know how much you care this Father’s Day. You already know you can hire a GigBee to deliver just about anything — from a bottle of something awesome to a shiny, new gadget — but tell us 3 things you would do to bring that one beautiful smile on your Father's face.

The best answer will get free house cleaning from GigBee Team.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Enhance your life quotient - get a personal assistant

A good % of your valuable time is spend on getting your routine house hold work done, which you can enjoy with your loved ones. GigBee intends to help out busy people to assist them in their personal work, just pick up the phone and leave a brief with your very own personal assistant. GigBee will be doing your personal work i.e. House Cleaning, Plumbing , Carpentry and Local Courier, etc. 

Gigbee, as a social entrepreneurial startup, is a simple facilitator in bridging people who are in need of one off but contingent service from domestic workers, who are also looking at such gigs to earn a little with their extra time. We are leveraging technology to bring you and your would-be helper.. also we are ensuring that you are getting quality, trusted help.

We have started our operation in Hyderabad, currently we are focusing on following localities:

Kondapur, Miyapur, Madhapur, Gachibowli and  nearby area.

To know more please visit www.gigbee.in.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Homemade Citrus-Infused Vinegar for Cleaning

White vinegar is an amazingly effective, eco-friendly, inexpensive cleaning agent to use around the house. But as much as we love it, vinegar on its own can smell pretty horrible! Here is a SUPER easy way to make a homemade, sweet smelling citrus-vinegar concoction for cleaning:

What You'll Need:

1. White distilled vinegar
2. A clean glass jar (with a tight fitting lid)
3. Citrus peels (oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, etc.)


• Take a glass jar with a lid and fill with citrus peels (one fruit or a mix, depending on what you prefer).

• Pour in white distilled vinegar until the peels are completely covered.

• Cover the jar tightly and let sit for 1-2 weeks, gently shaking the jar occasionally to keep things mixed.

• We recommend labeling the jar with a permanent marker and storing it out of reach from kids just as a precaution (although it is completely nontoxic and healthy to ingest, we still don't recommend drinking it like orange juice!).

• When the mixture smells more like fruit than vinegar you’re good to go! Strain out the vinegar into another jar and substitute it in all of your white vinegar cleaning methods.

•This sweet mixture is also great for cooking with vinegar or using as a deep cleansing hair rinse if you want a sweet, fruity twist!

•Do you have any creative ways that you use vinegar at home? Post your favorite methods in the comments and share the love!