Friday, 20 June 2014

GigBee NRI Parent Care Service in Hyderabad

Surabh has been in the US for the past decade and half, while his parents back home in Hyderabad have aged beyond the stage where they can look after themselves. Despite repeated pleas by Saurabh, his parents are unwilling to leave their ancestral home in Hyderabad to join him in the US. This presents a problem typical to many NRIs who have left behind elderly parents in India. While leaving a prosperous career abroad to return back may not be a pragmatic solution one cannot ignore the responsibility of ensuring adequate care for the parents. Saurabh took wise step and hired GigBee who is taking care of his parent. 

What GigBee NRI Parent Care Service can do for your Parent?

Though nothing can ever replace the presence of their children besides them at an elderly age, but GigBee can help you in a few other worldly requirements which you can catered for from abroad.  Our services:

House Cleaning Weekly/Biweekly/ Monthly
Local Delivery of any items
Will take your parents to Physician by Monthly and Quarterly  (as and when required)
Daily/ Weekly visits by GigBee Team as per requirements.
Arrangement of nurses for special requirements.
Organizing transfer of money, handling of letters and other couriered items and catering to daily household requirements.
Organizing functions to celebrate festivals and occasions with the elderly.
Establishing and ensuring a regular communication between the NRIs and their parents either through telephone or video chatting via the internet.
Provide detailed feedback and reports on the health and other issues of the elderly to their children abroad.
Payment of bills, taxes and other recurring expenses.
Collection of rents and depositing the same in the designated accounts.
Arrangement of security for the elderly residing in their own house.
And many more. 

GigBee team will be delighted to serve your parent, send us customize need and get the best price for our services.
To know more about our services, please speak to our customer care officer @ +91-8790102190 or write us @

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