Saturday, 15 December 2012

Vegetable prices: Why the middle men deserve the hatred they get ?

Rythu bazaar is the market where farmers bring vegetables and sell directly to the consumers, thereby eliminating middlemen, who exploit both farmers and consumers alike.

Your Problem: In today's busy life you are ready to give extra charges to the middleman, for instance the potato that you purchase for Rs 24/kg from your nearby store, is actually priced at Rs 12 -15/Kg at Rythu bazaar. Hence, if you are spending approx. Rs.2000 /Month on vegetables, you are paying extra of Rs 700 to 1300/Month, the actual cost of which would be Rs 1000 to 1500/Month, if procured from Rythu bazaar.

Why are you wasting your hard earned money?

Solution : Hire your reliable and trustworthy GigBee and get vegetable at actual price directly from Rythu bazaar and for this you have to spend only Rs 150  + Rs 1 x to and fro distance of your house to Rythu bazaar.

Why should you trust GigBee?

If you are not satisfied with delivered vegetables, you need not pay anything for the rejected item.

How to contact GigBee Team?

You can call at 8790102190 or write at 


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