Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Spending time together with your spouse: Make your relationship stronger

Spending time together with your spouse

 Have you ever given a though how your days are spent?
I bet they go pretty much like this: Your daily work eats the majority of your time (whether you are working at home or you have a day job) and you also have your own personal hobbies that you want to pursue.
In addition you spend time with your family as much as you can and occasionally you want to spend time with your friends too. You might even have a pet which needs dedication as well.

When you look at the previous daily activities, do you think there is something important missing? You got it right, spending time together with your spouse.

Why spending time together is important?

There are many reasons why one-on-one time is important.
  1. You keep your relationship alive
  2. You can listen what’s been on your spouse’s mind lately (and take corrective action if it’s worries)
  3. You both feel happy when you can spend time with the person you love
  4. It gives energy to cope with occasional stressful moments in family life
As you can see, there are many reasons why you want to invest in some one-on-one time.

How to find free time for both of you?

A very common obstacle when spending one-on-one time is – you guessed it – how to find available time? Even if you could arrange your work matters in a way that they are not preventing your mutual time, there is one big thing to solve: How to deal with your kids?
After having a baby, me and my wife have been focusing on the well-being of our son. Although our son is our top priority, we have managed to spend time together with these ways:
  1. Plan in advance
First thing is to plan your time together. Try to find optimum time that suits you both. Based on the plan, you can then make additional arrangements, so that your common time  becomes a reality.
  1. Ask the parents
If you or your spouse’s parents live nearby and they offer their babysitting help, accept it! We have “utilized” our own parents quite a bit and what’s even best – they are happy to assist us in your babysitting needs.
  1. Ask your trusted friends or god parents
Maybe your parents don’t live nearby but your friends or god parents do? Ask them to take care of your baby when you are gone.
  1. Hire a nanny
If either your or your spouse’s parents live nearby or it is not possible to ask your friends/god parents to help you out, you can always hire a nanny.
If you know someone reliable, ask him/her to take care of your child/children when you are spending time together.
  1. Take advantage of nap times
Little children take naps during the afternoon and sometimes those naps can last for hours. For example, our newborn takes naps which last usually from two to three hours.
Although you can’t leave your home while your baby is sleeping, you can still take advantage of that time block by doing something together.

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