Friday, 14 June 2013

Hire a GigBee, Make Dad Proud

Whether it was learning how to ride a bicycle or cracking that almost impossible trigonometry problem, or even being taught how to swim by being thrown into the deep end! we have a lot to thank our father for. Not only for the skills he taught us and the confidence he built in us, but also for all those unspoken values he helped us, just by being himself. With Father’s Day round the corner, we couldn’t help but grab this opportunity to remember our father, how our father has been an inspiration to us– in life and as a parent.

Let the dads in your life know how much you care this Father’s Day. You already know you can hire a GigBee to deliver just about anything — from a bottle of something awesome to a shiny, new gadget — but have you thought about sending a gift to him? How awesome is that?

It’s not too late. GigBee can help you delight the dads in your life. Awesome, friendly, dad-loving GigBee can:

Deliver everything he needs from any restaurant or anywhere. 
Clean his room.
Bring him a bottle of something good.
Do his chores for the week and so on....

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