Tuesday, 17 September 2013

We Want You To Become a GigBee. Apply Now!

We’re seeing more and more tasks posted every single day, and we’re looking to add even more amazing GigBees to our community to help people get things done. Think you’ve got what it takes to task?

If you’d be awesome at helping people and companies get things done, you might make a great GigBee. From using your car or bike to deliver things to people in your city to taking longer-term assignments at offices, you’ll find hundreds of tasks each day on the GigBee marketplace.
You set your own schedule, determine your own rates, and choose the types of tasks you’d like to do. Plus, you get to be part of the greatest community on earth.
If you are interested please write us at info@gigbee.in or call @ 8790102190.
 For more details, please visit : www.gigbee.in .

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