Monday, 16 March 2015

I need someone to run my errands in Hyderabad

If you have searched for string "I need someone to run my errands in Hyderabad",  you should contact GigBee- Hyderabad. 

NRI's/ Expat often wonder how to get the simplest tasks done in Hyderabad when they are away. These tasks range from servicing their official documents like birth certificates, PAN numbers, degree certificates or retrieving their transcripts from college, visiting Doctor, taking care of their Parents etc.

When such a need arises we search for contacts in India like friends, relatives and requests them to run these errands. Capitalizing on this niche need of the NRI's/ Expat, GigBee NRI service is a unique service that addresses such needs.

Few of the task done by us:

If patient is abroad, discussing medical report with the Doctor, and sending back the report to patient.
Get Stitching done on behalf of our client and sending through courier.
Sending courier to abroad on behalf of client for any specific item like sweets, gift items etc.
Brighten up our customer’s nearest one with a bunch of flowers.
Monthly House cleaning of NRI’s Houses, personal visit to house and sending the status like picture and other required details. 
And many more, you can always write us and discuss your specific requirement.

So far, we have served more than 100 satisfied clients staying in the USA, UAE  and Singapore etc, we are currently operating only in Hyderabad but in the near future we will also be working in other metros. 

You can write us at or visit 

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