Sunday, 27 August 2017

Care your nearest one in this rainy season in Hyderabad

Rainy season brings lots of enjoyment however there is a risk of flu or viral fever.
It’s painful when someone you care about isn’t feeling well — even more painful when that loved one is far away and you can’t be there to

deliver a care package of herbal tea and tissues.
We’ve seen how people have used GigBee services to care for people even when they’re hundreds of miles apart or not well.
So if you know someone who’s feeling under the weather and you can’t be there to help, here are some ways GigBee services can overcome some of those physical limitations:
- Hire a GigBee to help clean your ill friend’s apartment.  
- Schedule a GigBee to assemble and deliver a care package. Chicken soup, throat    lozenges— a GigBee can make a run to the drug store, pick up everything a sick person  would want, and then deliver it to their front door